Lightly Technologies was formed in January 2016 as a reaction to the unfulfilled promise of OLED lighting technology. OLED pioneered the concept of ultra-thin, surface light sources and the new generation of lighting design that it enabled. However, after almost a decade of R&D into the most technically advanced light source ever conceived, OLED lighting was all but abandoned due to the manufacturing difficulty, and the inadequate performance in light output, efficacy and lifetime when compared to LED.

Founder and mechanical engineer Matt Hanbury personally worked on both OLED lighting and LCD smartphone displays engineering. His realisation was that a paradigm shift was needed within the lighting industry, the desire was for an ultra-thin surface light source, not for a light source using OLED technology. By combining his deep knowledge of these two sectors he developed Hikari SQ, with the appearance and design benefits of OLED lighting, but the superior performance and manufacturing of LED technology. 

Hikari SQ revives that promise of ultra-thin, surface lighting and truly enables a new generation of lighting design.

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Matt discusses this new approach to developing an ultra-thin, surface light source in his article for the Society of Light & Lighting newsletter following his win of the SLL Young Lighter of the Year Award 2017.


Our Team

Lightly Technologies is led by experienced lighting industry professionals Matt Hanbury & Brian Charman

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Matt Hanbury

Founder, Managing Director, Engineering

Matt is mechanical engineer, expert in design and manufacture of complex, high volume consumer and industrial products

Apple Inc iPhone 6S LCD displays 

Philips Lighting OLED & LED components

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Brian Charman

Co-Founder, Sales, Marketing

Brian is a sales executive with a deep knowledge of the lighting industry and high volume sales accounts

Philips Lighting over 25 years in lighting component sales & new product marketing